Lab Information for CS 408 / CS 808

There is no formal lab component to the CS 408 / 808 class. To ensure that everyone has some experience with graphical programming, five lab assignments are provided that you can do on your own. They take from half an hour to one and a half hours each.

The following labs are recommended to teach you skills before doing each assignment:

You should request a white "access" card from the Computer Science department in CW307.14 to gain access to the CL 105 lab. For a map of the labs in the first floor of the Classroom building, see Click on "CL105" to see a schedule of when this lab is not available due to lab sessions being taught. Outside those hours, including evenings, this lab is available for your use. The computers in this lab have better graphics cards than most university computers, and so are particularly suited to CS 408/808.

Explanation of OpenGL

These labs cover topics not required for this course.

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