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About me

My name is Devon Blewett. I am a 23 year old computer science major originally from the small town of Kipling, which is two hours east of Regina. I am taking this class because I am interested in learning new skills in web development. I collect puzzles and enjoy playing chess. My favourite games involve strategy and outsmarting the opponent, because I am a very competitive person.

My Uregina email is blewedev@uregina.ca.


Classes I am taking this semester

  1. CS 215
  2. Cs 310
  3. Cs 320
  4. Cs 330
  5. Cs 340

CS classes I have taken in the past

  1. Cs 100
  2. Cs 110
  3. Cs 115
  4. Cs 201
  5. Cs 205
  6. Cs 210