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About me

Kelsey Caron

Hello, my name is Kelsey! I am taking this class because I would like to learn Web programming and other cool data base knowledge. Computers are really fun! I hope to learn a lot from both the labs and lectures this semester. So far my expectations are being met because both my lab and leecture profs are really cool. I cannot wait to start making interactive web ] pages. Hope to do well!


Classes I am taking this semester:

  1. CS 215
  2. CS 330
  3. CS 340

CS Classes I have already taken:

  1. CS 110
  2. CS 115
  3. CS 210
  4. CS 201
  5. Math 110
  6. Math 111
  7. Math 122
  8. Math 110
  9. Engl 100
  10. Engl 110

You can contact me at kelsey.jeh@gmail.com or phone me at 306-123-4567.