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CS100 lab policies

CS100 lab policies

  1. Lab Policies
    • You must attend your scheduled lab time. As there is a limited amount of space in the lab, you will be asked to leave if you are in the wrong section without permission
    • If you can't attend your lab time, email about attending a different one
    • Do not bring food into the lab. Water must be in a closed bottle
    • Check the schedule before entering the lab. Do not interrupt booked labs for another class.
  2. Assignment Policies
    • Class assignments must be submitted to pass the course. If you miss the deadline, you still need to submit it for a 0
    • Late assignments are not graded. This includes submission errors. If you are having issues uploading your work, email it to before the assignment deadline
    • Any source of plagiarism, intentional or not, is given a 0
    • Marks must be disputed within a week of the mark being posted. If you leave it to the last week of classes, your complaint will not be investigated
  3. Contact Policies
    • Please use your university email when emailing your instructors. Other emails sometimes go to spam
    • Please include cs100 in the email title
    • Please try to explain your problem, preferably with screenshots or attached files. We can't help you if we don't know what you need help with
    • Please use proper spelling and grammar. If we can't understand your email, it will be ignored
    • Remember that the assignments are your homework, not the instructors. Ask questions or for advice, not for them to show you how it is done
  4. Lab Test Policies
    • Your lab test must be written in your scheduled lab unless given permission to write in another section
    • If you are caught communicating with other students, you will be given a 0 regardless of whether you are finished the test or not
    • The lab tests are open book. You may use your notes or the internet
    • If you can't make your lab test, you must contact before the test with a valid reason
  5. Accessiblity
    • If you have any accessibility concerns, such as extra time on tests, please contact your lab instructor or email The office DOES NOT contact us for you