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IMPORTANT: All checkpoints are due at the beginning of your scheduled lab periods.

Checkpoint Assigned Due
#1 : Webpage Setup
#2 : Lists and Tables
#3 : Links and Images
#4 : RefWorks

What are they?

Each of these checkpoints will help you prepare for your Assignments.
For example, in the first checkpoint, you add a paragraph about your favorite movie to practice.html (among other things). In the assignment, you need to add a paragraph about yourself to your index.html file. The set of checkpoints is distributed out over several weeks of the semester. The idea is for you to do a set of easy introductory exercises on XHTML that will help you think like a web developer so that the Assignment won't be so hard when you try to do it.

If you are having trouble with part of a checkpoint, it is a sign that you need to practice that skill before you attempt the Assignment. Go to office hours or contact if you are completely stumped.

How long should they take?

How long they take depends on you. As a rule of thumb they should take 15 to 20 minutes to read and 40 to 60 minutes to complete. If you spend more than 1.5 hours on any checkpoint you should contact help100 or go to office hours. Please be ready to show what you have done and what is causing the trouble.

How do I do them?

The checkpoints are homework. We provide instruction in the CS100 account and URCourses on some material, but for some parts you need to do some investigation of your own. Use your textbooks as a resource, and any of the web sites we recommend as sources. Of course, you can look at any other book or website as well.

For example, if a checkpoint says to create a "definition list", and you don't know how to do one, check the CS100 seminar notes, check URCourses, check your textbook, check any other resource. You are not going to be well recieved by any of the CS100 instructors if you come to us and say "I don't know how to do a definition list." However, we will be much more receptive if you come and say "I'm having some trouble with a definition list and this is what I've tried."

We definitely don't want you to come to us and say "What am I supposed to do?". Read each carefully and follow the instructions precisely. If an exercise says to create a list, just create the list; don't worry about the fact that down the road, that list will also contain links. If, after you have tried the work for yourself, you still think you have found a contradiction in a Checkpoint contact "".

Where and when are they?

This web page links to all of the checkpoints. That exercise may or may not relate directly to the topic of a seminar, but it will always prepare you for some part of the class assignment. Check this page carefully to see when each checkpoint is due. They are always due at the beginning of your regularly scheduled lab period.

How are they marked?

One of the CS100 instructors will visit your hyperion website to mark your checkpoints. They will do this from outside of the lab. Unless a special exception is made in the checkpoint's description, markers will only mark what they can see by clicking links. A mark of 1 is awarded if you meet all the requirements specified in the exercise; otherwise you get a 0. We will have all of your Hyperion usernames so just put your work there and we will find it. What we find will be archived for future reference.