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Checkpoint #1

Checkpoints are short assignments designed to make sure you are keeping up with the labs. They are only worth 1% of your grade, so don't spend too much time working on them. Each checkpoint is due at the start of next weeks lab, and needs to be done on Replit Teams for the marker to be able to see it.

If you need help with this exercise, remember you can email or attend their help hours found on the lab schedule.

Make sure you have the files from the "Getting Started" tab, as you will need them for this exercise.

Video Summary


There are four parts to this exercise, all of which will be done on your practice.html page:

  1. Create three new titles using the h3 tag
  2. Write a small paragraph using the p tag
  3. Create two lists using the br tag
  4. Submission

Part 1: Make the titles

For the first part, we will use the <h3> tag to create three titles. This means we will be using three different open and closing sets of <h3> tags:

The positions to place your titles are indicated on the practice.html page are as shown (make sure you are writing above or below the instruction, not within it, or else it won't show up):

A picture of practice.html in notepad++.  The comments giving instructions on where to create the three h3 titles are circled in red

To add a title, simply:

  1. Open a header tag with <h3>. This tells the browser you are starting a header at the spot
  2. Write the text behind it that you want to be the header
  3. Close the header tag behind the text with </h3>. This tells the browser to not make anything after that point a header
  4. For example, <h3> The text here would be made into a title </h3>

Part 2: Write the paragraph

For the second part, write a short description of your favourite movie, such as the name, what it is about, when it was released, and who acted in it. This paragraph doesn't have to be incredibly detailed: we just want to make sure you know how to write text onto a webpage.

You will use use the paragraph tag <p> and closing tag </p> just like how you used the title tag in part 1. When you are writing your paragraph, you do not need to try to format it at all - the browser will look after that for you. In fact, if you were to try to add spaces or send things to the next line, they would be automatically removed, and your writing would just be displayed as a normal paragraph.

Part 3: Creating two lists

Next, you will create two lists, one for a list of your favourite movies and one for a list of the other checkpoints. However, as mentioned above, if you try to just make lists on your notepad using the enter key, the browser will automatically format it into a paragraph for you. To get around this, you will use one more tag, the break tag <br>. The break tag will send anything that comes after it down to the next line. This tag is special because it has no associated closing tag.

To create a list using the break tag, simply place it between each entry that you want sent down to the next line,


When you are done, your practice.html page could look something like this:

An example of a finished checkpoint #1 page.  It has three titles, a sample paragraph, and two lists

Part 4: Checkpoint Submission

You don't need to do anything special to submit the checkpoint - the marker will just look at it on Replit after the due date.

However, if you edit your files after you checkpoint is due, you may receive a large marking penalty.