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Checkpoint Two

This checkpoint will build off of the pages we were using last week. Don't worry about overwriting them - it won't affect your marks

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First, you want to go back to lab 1 and copy all index.html and practice.html to lab 2. More details are given in README file on Replit under Part 0 section.

There are four parts to this exercise:

  1. Create a new page named "check2.html" and place a table on it. After this step you should have your files named exactly this:
  2. Change the break tag lists on "practice.html", where the list of your favourites will be made into an ordered list and the list of checkpoints will be a definition list
  3. Add the link to a stylesheet to all your pages
  4. Submit the checkpoint

Part 1: Create a new page and place a table on it

For this part, you will create a new page named "check2.html". It is important that you name it exactly this, because you won't learn to link it until next week. This means the marker needs to know the exact name to find it.
Remember, to create a new page go file -> new, file -> save as, and then give it the name "check2.html".

On this page, you will create a table with four rows and three columns about your favourite music:

When you are finished, the table could look something like this (your table does not need to have borders):
A table with four rows and 3 columns.  The first row has artist, song, year.  The second row has MDK, Anxiety, 2020.  The third row has Teminite, Space Invaders, 2019.  The fourth row has Sterrezo, Lightspeed, 2018

Part 2: Change the lists on practice.html

Last week, you made some lists using br tags on your practice.html page. This week:

  1. Change the list of your favourite movies to an ordered list. Remember, to do this you will need to:
    • open one <ol> tag above the list, and close it below
    • open and close a set of <li> tags around each item in the list
  2. Change the list of checkpoints into a definition list. To do this you will need to:
    • open one <dl> tag above the list, and close it below
    • open a set of <dt> tags around each of checkpoint #1, checkpoint #2, and checkpoint #3
    • under each definition term, you will need to add its definition. Add these definitions between a set of <dd> tags. The definitions are:

      Lists and Tables
      Links and Images

When you are done, your lists could look something like this:
An ordered list of five movies, followed by a definition list of the three checkpoints

Part 3: Add a link to a stylesheet to your pages

All we want you to do for this part is add a link to a stylesheet to your practice.html page and your check2.html page. We don't care what stylesheet you use, or what the colours are. If you would like to just use the default stylesheet, just add this link:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="default.css">

When you are finished, all of your pages should have a background colour and font colour. Make sure the pages are readable.

Part 4: Submission

You do not need to do anything special to submit your work. The marker will look at your work through Replit.

However, please note that if the marker sees that you have made changes to your assignment after it was due, you may receive severe penalties in your marking.