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Checkpoint Three

Video Summary


First, you want to go back to lab 2 and copy index.html, check2.html and practice.html to lab 3. Then create two files called check3.html and check4.html. More details are given in README file on Replit under Part 0 section.

There are four parts to this exercise:

  1. Make the definition list on practice.html link to your other checkpoint pages using relative references
  2. Make the musician names on check2.html link to a website related to them
  3. Put a picture on check3.html
  4. Submit your work

Part 1: Links on practice.html

In checkpoint 2, we made a definition list of practice.html for our checkpoints. This week, you are going to make "checkpoint #2" link to check2.html, "checkpoint #3" link to check3.html, and "checkpoint #4" link to check4.html. Please note that if check3.html and check4.html don't exist yet - you will need to make them.

These should be relative addresses because all of your pages are in the same folder. When you are finished, it could look something like this:

The definition list.  Checkpoint 2, 3, and 4 are now hyperlinks, so they are a different colour and underlined

Part 2: Links on check2.html

Last week, we made a new page called "check2.html" and made a table of our favourite music on it. This week, you are going to make the names of the artists link to a website related to them. The website could be the artists home page, a Wikipedia page, or anything else you can find. Please note that these will have to be absolute links, as you can't place the artist's page in with your other files.

When you are finished, it could look something like this:

The table from checkpoint 2.  Now the artist names are links, so they are hyperlinks that are underlined and a different colour

Part 3: Create a new page and place a picture on it

For this part, you will place a picture on check3.html. The picture could be whatever you like, and you may use either absolute or relative addressing. Just remember, if you use a relative address, you will need to upload the picture along with the rest of your files.

Please be mindful of the image size if you are using a relative address. You have limited space on Replit, and using a picture straight from your phone may use too much of it up. See the FAQ for details on how to reduce image size

Part 4: Submission

You do not need to do anything special to submit your work. The marker will look at your work through Replit.

However, please note that if the marker sees that you have made changes to your assignment after it was due, you may receive severe penalties in your marking.