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There are many different kinds of charts you can create, such as bar, pie, and so on. Some charts suit different types of data better than others:

  1. Creating a chart
  2. Editing the chart

Creating a Chart

To create a chart:
  1. Highlight a range of cells, such A3:E8
    an image of the spreadsheet with the range from a3 to e8 selected
  2. Go to the Insert tab, and click the drop down arrow to see your chart options
    the excel chart options, such as bars, pie, clusters
  3. Click on a chart type, such as clustered column
  4. You will create a chart that looks like this:
    The default clustered column chart for a3 to e8

Editing the Chart Information

All of your chart editing options can be found by clicking on the chart and then clicking the "chart" tab:
the editing options under the chart tab

  1. To change the title of the chart, double click on the title or select "edit chart title" from the chart options, and enter a new one
  2. To change the axis titles, select the Axis Titles dropdown, select which axis you want to give a title, and then provide one
  3. To edit series names and other things, you can click the format option, select which series you want to edit, and set a name and other font properties
  4. Gridlines are lines along the axis values to help line up information. To add gridlines, select the gridlines option and pick which type of gridline you would like to add

Once you have made these modifications, you could end up with a chart that looks something like this:

A finished chart with gridlines and titles