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Spreadsheet Exercise #1

Click here for the spreadsheet needed for this exercise

  1. Place a formula in B13 and fill it right to add up the expenses for each month in the (dark blue area). Fill in the total for each expense as well in the (yellow area). You can either use a straight formula, like =(B5+B6+B7....) or you can use a function, like =SUM(B5:B11).
  2. Now, fill (right/down) the formulas to add up the income for each month as well as the total from each income source (green and light blue areas). If you used the straight formula for the last step, consider using the function this time and vice versa.
  3. Add the contents of B13:D13 (blue cells) into E13 (red cell) and add the contents of B23:D23 (green cells) to E23 (purple cell)
  4. Now finish off the calculations and subtract the expenses from the income for each month, =E23-E13, or the purple cell minus the red cell. This calculation should be located in cell B26 (greycell).

As you can see, there may not only be one way to achieve a desired result. This is a computer class - the one great thing about computers is that you can do things more than once. Use this to your benefit. If you are in the middle of the spreadsheet test and don't get the right answer - don't assume the test is incorrect - try re-doing the question, maybe in a different way to get the right answer. Try and try again!

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