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Spreadsheet Exercise #2

The following are step by step instructions to complete this spreadsheet.

Step #1: Formatting Text:

To format the title in the spreadsheet, click on cell B1. Click on the little box in the bottom right of the Font category. Now you should be able to see the menu shown below.

Select Bold, change the color to blue and change the font size to 16. Click on OK when you are done.

Excel gives you a toolbar along the top of the screen to simplify many formatting commands. Let's make use of this toolbar to do more formatting. To format the column headers, select cells A3 to F3 by holding the left mouse button and dragging it across from A3 to F3. Click on the B (Bold) button in the center of the toolbar. Then click on the drop down list box the left of the toolbar so you can change the font size. Select 12 from the dropdown list.

Let's kick this up another notch by doing an even simpler format of all of the column A cells. Click on the A button at the top of the worksheet to select the entire column. Now use the toolbar to make all of that column Bold and 12 point size.

Now there's a problem that's not obvious here. Column A is not wide enough for all of the labels in its cells. You need to position your cursor over the boundary between column A and column B and wait till you see the little "adjust" icon appear. Drag the cursor to the right until all of the labels in the Column A cells are visible.

Now, just one more formatting task for the labels, highlight the cells B3 to F3 and then click on the "Right Align" button from the set of alignment buttons on the toolbar.

Step #2: Entering Data:

Most of the data has already been entered. There are just a few more entries to make, and then we can use some of Excel's functions to complete the rest of the spreadsheet.

Step #3: Entering Formulas:

Don't forget to use the = sign before entering a formula.
The letters do not need to be capital letters.

Step #4: Entering an IF Function:

Now you should be finished editing your spreadsheet and it should look something like this: