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Test Practice

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1. In cell B11, use the SUM function to find the total for Monday. Fill this function to the right. What is the total for Tuesday?
A. 270
B. 203
C. 303
D. 329

2. What formula would you add to find the total with tax, using an absolute reference to the tax value in B15, so that you would be able to fill it for the rest of the days?
A. B11 + (B11 * $B$14)
B. $B$11 + (B11 * B14)
C. $B$11 + ($B$11 * $B$14)
D. B11 * $B$14

3. What is the average total (without tax)?
A. 322.4
B. 351.5
C. 270
D. 1612

4. What does the IF function do?
A. Checks if the number is positive or negative
B. Checks whether a condition is met, and returns one value if TRUE, and another value if FALSE
C. Checks if a cell has something written in it
D. Nothing

5. Using the MID function, how would you get the value "CS100" from A1?
A. MID(A1, 0, 8)
B. MID(A1, 1, 6)
C. MID(A1, 1, 5)
D. MID(1, 1, 5)