You will need the books database to answer the following questions.

Download books_practice for Access here

Questions are drawn from material presented in seminars and your textbook. You will be asked to perform queries on a given database and answer general questions about the database program.

Lab Test #2 is an open book exam. You may use any resources other than another person. Do not ask for additional help during the test. You do have the whole of your notes and the Internet available (excluding social media). If you are in doubt about the meaning of a question, read it again, and then answer it to the best of your ability.

For the following questions, record your answers on a piece of paper. The answer key is at the end of the quiz. The actual Lab Test #2 will contain 20 questions, and you will have 60 minutes to write it. There are 10 questions in this sample quiz, so you should use 25 to 30 minutes to complete this quiz.


1. Who wrote Shooting in the Dark?
	a) Keith Baker
	b) John Baker
	c) Franklin Bandy
	d) Alice Hoffman
	e) Red Holzman

2. Who wrote Trauma?

	a) John Maxim
	b) Edward Yourdon
	c) John Wyndham
	d) Graham Masterton
	e) Gwendoline Butler

3. How many Hardcover (HC) Books are written by Agatha Christie?

	a) 4
	b) 6
	c) 8
	d) 9
	e) 11

4. How many Softcover (SC) books are there in Science Fiction.

	a)  2
	b) 19
	c) 20
	d) 25
	e) 26

5. How long is the shortest book on Computer Chess?

	a)  63
	b)  85
	c) 144
	d) 200
	e) 274

6. How many books cost less than $5.00?

	a)  10
	b) 105
	c) 207
	d) 223
	e) 158

7. How many books were published before 1950?

	a)  77
	b)  82
	c) 105
	d)  96
	e) 139

8. How many books published by Bantam were published between 1995 and 2000 inclusive?

	a) 42
	b) 36
	c) 57
	d) 38
	e) 31

9. How many authors won a Macavity award for Best First Novel (nominations don't count)?

	a) 19
	b) 17
	c) 42
	d) 23
	e)  0

10. How many books published by Bantam, cost more than $15, are over 300 pages long, 
	and have won or have been nominated for any award?

	a)  5
	b) 14
	c)  3
	d)  1
	e)  0

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS TEST IS NOW COMPLETE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Answer Key

  1.     B
  2.     D
  3.     D
  4.     B
  5.     A
  6.     C
  7.     E
  8.     D
  9.     B
  10.   D


These are just a few helpful tips to be aware of when preparing for the test.

NOTE: When creating a query that compares text, we need to use the comparison operation "contains" rather than "is equal to". The values being compared are strings, not numerical values. Similarily, when comparing numerical values, we would use numerical comparison operations like "is greater than" or "is less than".

Another point to be aware of when searching for a specific name or string is entering a space before and after the string. This will only return the specific string and not other words or strings which contain the same string we are searching for within it. An example of this might be a search for the string "mom". We must place a space in front of and behind mom, otherwise we may get words like moment or some other words that contain "mom".