Cong Gao

Department of Computer Science
University of Regina
Email: cgao at
Tel: +1(306)585-5695

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I obtained my Ph.D degree in the Computer Science at the University of Regina in 2018 August. My research instrests include: Three-way Decisions (3WDs), data mining, and machine learning. I am using Actionable Three-way Decisions (A3WDs) to deal with big data and machine learning problems.

I was born in China and now a permanent resident in Canada. Before I come to Canada, I was a senior professional system analyst and certified teacher, worked for five years in IT industry and one year as a teacher in public school. I obtained my Master's degree from Soochow university majoring in machine learning. After I came to Canada pursuing Ph.D, I have worked in Mitacs for two semesters. During this time, my research attracted ISM Canada's attention and financial support. Recently, my research (A3WD) was approved as one of NSERC projects. I am also enthusiastic in teaching, volunteering, and open source society.

Last update: Jan-10-2019