1996 Cover The 1996 Calendar

The 1996 custom edition of the Fractals calendar was edited by Daryl H. Hepting.

The calendar contains the following images:

From Robby Alyn Berry:

{berry_01_small.gif} {berry_01_small.gif}

From Brian Evans:

{evans_01_small.gif} {evans_01_small.gif}

From Michael Field and Martin Golubitsky:

{field_01_small.gif} {field_01_small.gif}
{field_02_small.gif} {field_02_small.gif}

From Ken Musgrave:

{musgrave_01_small.gif} {musgrave_01_small.gif}
{musgrave_02_small.gif} {musgrave_02_small.gif}

From Kevin Suffern:

{suffern_01_small.gif} {suffern_01_small.gif}

From Joelle Thollot and Eric Tosan:

{thollot_01_small.gif} {thollot_01_small.gif}

And more from Hepting:

{hepting_01_small.gif} {hepting_01_small.gif}
{hepting_02_small.gif} {hepting_02_small.gif}
{hepting_03_small.gif} {hepting_03_small.gif}