Exploring the Image World of Computer Graphics

W.A.C. Bennett Library, Simon Fraser University
May 30 — July 26, 1994

These computer-generated, digital images are the work of faculty and graduate students from the Graphics and Multimedia Research Lab, School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University. The computer-generated images are grouped within two general themes. John Dill, Daryl Hepting, Philip Peterson, Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz, Dietmar Saupe, and Allan Snider explore computer visualization as a way to see the unseen. Leslie Bishko, Michaela Zambranska, and Armin Bruderlin use computer graphics as an artistic tool to produce animation.

Hepting's images of fractals (Butte Manhattan and Dragon Mesa) have appeared in calendars of computer-generated, fractal images.

Images by Daryl Hepting. Top row (L-R): Gasket in Bubbles, Desktop Tetrahedron (with Allan Snider), Butte Manhattan, and Fiery Dragon. Bottom row (L-R): Reflecting Fern (with Allan Snider), Carrot in Blue (with Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz), The Great Fern Dune of Goron III (with Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz and Allan Snider), and Dragon Mesa (with Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz and Dietmar Saupe).

Gasket in Bubbles Desktop Tetrahedron Butte Manhattan Fiery Dragon
Reflecting Fern Carrot in Blue The Great Fern Dune of Goron III Dragon Mesa

The animations, The First Political Speech, produced by Zambranska and the Graphics and Multimedia Research Lab, and Bishko's Gasping for Air have won international acclaim. Peterson's computer-generated images have been featured in a television documentary on the Knowledge Network.

Top row: still from The First Political Speech. Middle row: stills from Gasping for Air. Bottom row: A Shape Out of Water by John Dill, House #7 by Philip Peterson, and Sliding Simon by Michaela Zambranska and John Dill. Not shown is Cartwheels by Armin Bruderlin.

The exhibition was organized by Daryl Hepting, a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Computing Science. Prior to studies at Simon Fraser University, Hepting was assistant to Dr. Benoit Mandelbrot at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York. Dr. Tom Calvert is Director of the Graphics and Multimedia Research Lab.