CS 110 201510: Midterm Feedback

Summary of Likert Scale Questions

5 (Always) 4 [Mostly] 3 [Sometimes] 2 [Rarely] 1 (Never) Total
Q1. The instructor is well-prepared for class 319179452
Q2. The instructor clearly communicates his expectations for student preparation and participation 318189452
Q3. The instructor uses class time effectively 281816852
Q4. The instructor has clear expectations for assigned work 724124451
Q5. The instructor encourages student participation 241683152
Q6. The instructor clearly answers questions 215225852
Q7. The instructor treats students with respect 291641252
Q8. The instructor effectively directs and stimulates discussion 816197252
Q9. The instructor effectively encourages students to ask questions and give answers 142493252
Total Percentage 20%33%27%12%7%

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(Numbers in student column correspond to numbers on student comments.)

Student Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Average SD Mode Median

Word Cloud Summary of Answers to Open-Ended Questions


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(Numbers on responses correspond to student column on Likert scale data table. NA = No Answer.)

What did you like best about the course?

  1. Absolutely nothing
  2. Absolutely nothing
  3. NA
  4. I like that the assignments count towards participation marks. The lab exercises are good practice. I like the written code examples on piazza and the polls for feedback.
  5. The labs
  6. Lab class
  7. NA
  8. This course is hard for a beginner in programming. I think a lot is covered in this course. Should probably omit some sections
  9. The labs. The prof is a good guy who means well.
  10. The labs; piazza discussion online: probably the best resource, besides the textbook; the textbook is excellent
  11. Piazza, lab
  12. Labs compliment the class; expectations / marks for assignments are clear
  13. The labs were helpful and had a fair marking scheme
  14. NA
  15. NA
  16. Programming
  17. I enjoyed how it encouraged a different type of thinking, it has definitely helped in other courses
  18. The labs
  19. Coding is fun; makes me think to come up solutions in efficient ways, think differently
  20. The language C++
  21. This is it
  22. The material is really interesting to me. I like how everything we learned now fits together. My favourite part was the SI sessions
  23. It is rewarding to write a program and watch it run
  24. The lab portion (hands on learning)
  25. Labs
  26. I like I get to learn about C++. It's a great introductory class.
  27. The lab
  28. Piazza use! A great tool to allow students to engage with their problems
  29. Lab
  30. The prof is a nice guy, very easy to talk to and very helpful when you go see him.
  31. The fact that you get to learn about computers and how to use C++
  32. Getting the computer to solve problems for you
  33. The programming part and the lab; very effective learning in the lab, and the programming is satisfying
  34. The way it teaches you now to actually write code with a computer
  35. The labs, it is a more a hands on approach which make the material easier to understand
  36. The lab is the best
  37. The labs are essential to the class. My favourite class was the one in which we wrote the program
  38. NA
  39. The labs, as they were very simple, yet informative and really helpful in understanding class material
  40. NA
  41. The labs
  42. I like the labs: they allow me to apply knowledge learned in class and have some hands-on coding practice
  43. Interesting content
  44. Example
  45. Really enjoyed the hands-on coding; learned C++; professor is a cool guy
  46. NA
  47. Computer programming is interested
  48. The flexibility of how marks can be obtained (e.g. doing the assignments are optional, etc.)
  49. NA
  50. The lab portion
  51. I like the labs as they are helpful for practicing and gaining experience in CS. The textbook is also a helpful learning resource, and piazza is a good forum for asking questions whenever they should arise.
  52. The lab part, where we do actual programming

What would you like to change about the course?

  1. Change the scheme
  2. This class requires a lot of necessary changes
  3. NA
  4. The quizzes are much too difficult for an introductory CS course. They are also weighted too heavily. The code written on the board is difficult to read most times.
  5. Go through the chapters in class
  6. Make lab class more similar to the work done in class
  7. NA
  8. I would change the weighting of the labs. I would like the lab work to be weighted 15% and the final lab exam to be 5%. And also the weight of the quizzes can be also changed to a lower weight
  9. The quizzes. They didn't really match things we learned in class so I didn't think they effectively showed what I do and don't know about C++.
  10. The instructor tries to teach ASCII, hexadecimal, binary, hex-to-binary, and other material outside the scope of the class; instructor didn't give any notes / slides / info thus many students didn't know what was going on; the quizzes were not covered in class and completely random
  11. NA
  12. Make lab marks worth more 15 – 20% of class mark; make assignments mandatory and for 10% of class mark
  13. It is far too difficult for an introductory programming class. Instructor is incapable of communicating with students who are not expert programmers and incapable of coming up with questions that are fair for new programmers. Markers are unfair and harsh.
  14. NA
  15. Percentage of labs
  16. Pace of learning needs to increase
  17. I would have enjoyed more coding as a group, those days were my favourite
  18. Lab weight should be increased to at least 20% of the course mark. After all, it is the realistic part of this class
  19. NA
  20. The weight of the quizzes
  21. Teaching methods did not seem effective, a lot of students did not attend class for this reason
  22. Maybe more distinct notes like the ones we got in the labs. In class, we seemed to talk about assignments rather than concepts
  23. I feel the class and the lab could be more coordinated with each other, this would help with the general understanding of the material
  24. I would like to see more lab time; what you learned in class then applied in the lab
  25. More emphasis on assignments, less on exams
  26. I would like the formatting of the info learned in class to match the labs
  27. More lab-type situations and less class time
  28. During course, class should be a lecture only class. Too many students to explain on an individual level. This only takes time away from those who understand. Piazza handles individual issues well.
  29. Lab worth more
  30. NA
  31. Not making it mandatory to science students who are not in computer science to take it. I have no idea when I'm going to have to have to make a C++ program again
  32. Explaining concepts more thoroughly and slower
  33. The difficulty, and the way in which the quizzes were handled. Writing code on paper is ineffective. Also, the labs and the quizzes are not comparable in difficulty. I found that the lab was too easy compared to what was given in class.
  34. More easing into it. It is very just thrown at you
  35. Make labs and class more equal in material
  36. Weight of labs and assignments
  37. Maybe 1 midterm and the programming problems to be tested on should be elaborated on more clearly in class. It felt like we were being tested on how well we memorized the textbook, not the in-class material
  38. Teacher need to improve some teaching skill for introduction course skill
  39. Class time should be used more effectively, so that lectures and labs match up
  40. NA
  41. The marking scheme
  42. Weights of class and lab components
  43. Weigh the labs more. You learn much more there.
  44. Assignment
  45. More of a focus on coding on the computer, less of a focus of writing code out on paper
  46. Try to be more fluency in the lecture
  47. Lab section needs to be worth more for the hours put in
  48. NA
  49. Quantity is a lot, we don't know how to program
  50. The weight of each portion for marking; also more interactive, actual programming in class like the labs
  51. I would change the difficulty level of the midterms. They are far too difficult to be weighted at 10% each. If they are going to be difficult, they should be weighted less. The lab portion should be weighted a bit heavier
  52. More computer

What do you think the instructor's greatest strengths are?

  1. Didn’t think the prof used his times effectively
  2. There were no strengths for this instructor; his quizzes were the hardest out of all CS110 classes; his time management skills were not the greatest; his marking scheme was very poor
  3. NA
  4. He is very willing and encouraging in student participation. He makes a good effort to prepare students for quizzes / exams. The use of piazza is helpful and his answers are prompt and effective
  5. Understanding code
  6. Writes the whole code on board. Uses piazza
  7. NA
  8. I like the prof basically because he really cares about his students and wants us to do well. He is a very PATIENT man. With all the negative comments on piazza, he has been very calm and PROFESSIONAL. Please give sample quizzes and exams for practice.
  9. He has a great personality and is funny and knows C++ well. I really appreciated his willingness to change things throughout the course. He remained in good attitude even when students "attacked" him on piazza. I appreciated him though.
  10. Excellent at CS but almost too qualified for the class; very helpful in lab hours; quick to respond to questions about assignments
  11. Despite several discussions, I believe Dr. Hepting did fairly well considering I believe that the delivery method (lecture in classroom) was inefficient for many students. I also liked that he was willing to look at students concerns and adjust
  12. Encourages student participation and questions; available for help outside of class time
  13. He is a nice person and understands his subject matter. It's too bad he can't communicate or relate to students.
  14. Nice personality
  15. NA
  16. Encouraging
  17. Being just happy all the time, great jokes, and being patient with us. Thanks for a great year!
  18. Being a very kind person. He is warm to talk to which is more than I can say for my other profs
  19. Extremely resourceful; friendly
  20. Waking up early
  21. Seems really nice; he tries
  22. Responding quickly to questions on piazza. Also, very good attitude. I like your positivity
  23. Polite and easy to approach about questions
  24. Knowledge of C++; loves programming; prepared for class lectures; encourages participation
  25. Willingness to help students
  26. He's great at explaining problems that may occur while coding
  27. Responds quickly to questions on piazza
  28. His knowledge on CS110; his incredible patience with fussy students
  29. Knowledge on subject
  30. Approachable and understanding, has a willingness to help
  31. The greatest strength of the instructor is that he has a lot of knowledge in this field, the only downside to that is he doesn't go slow enough for us who have no knowledge in CS. Also, I would have gone on stress relief if I was him, some kids would have driven me crazy. He could have been more direct in lectures and not go on about things we were not learning
  32. If material is missed or unfinished in class, he posts the rest online or brings it back the next class
  33. Really friendly, takes feedback from the students and tries to improve himself
  34. Making everyone feel comfortable and staying positive even when we suck at programming
  35. Always listening to students feedback and willing to change / help when students are struggling
  36. Listens to feedback
  37. He has ample office hours, to meet and cooperate with students, also piazza is a good resource
  38. Responsible
  39. You can't get everyone to speak, but Daryl does a good job of trying to get the class to talk
  40. NA
  41. His subject knowledge
  42. Willing to answer questions; encourages class participation; friendly and approachable and always positive; responds to feedback
  43. Approachable, respectful, intelligence, kind prof.
  44. Answer the question
  45. Really encourages class participation both in class and in online discussion. Knows his stuff.
  46. NA
  47. Encourages class participation; easy to approach; understands the material but seems hard to get it across to students
  48. NA
  49. NA
  50. Getting the class involved, ex. Piazza: great for asking questions to the class and get feedback from the prof on assignments, quizzes, etc.
  51. The instructor is always open to helping students and greatly encourages student participation. He has a good attitude towards the class.
  52. NA