Formative (My Instrument)

Summary of Likert Scale Questions

5 (Always) 4 [Mostly] 3 [Sometimes] 2 [Rarely] 1 (Never) Total
Q1. The instructor is well-prepared for class 132107
Q2. The instructor clearly communicates his expectations for student preparation and participation 131207
Q3. The instructor uses class time effectively 221117
Q4. The instructor has clear expectations for assigned work 321107
Q5. The instructor encourages student participation 502007
Q6. The instructor clearly answers questions 511007
Q7. The instructor treats students with respect 520007
Q8. The instructor effectively directs and stimulates discussion 231107
Q9. The instructor effectively encourages students to ask questions and give answers 511007
Total Percentage 46%27%16%10%2%
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(Numbers in student column correspond to numbers on student comments.)

Student Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Average SD Mode Median

Summary of Answers to Open-Ended Questions

(Numbers on responses correspond to student column on Likert scale data table. NA = No Answer.)

  • What do you like best about this course?
    1. Teaching approach; his communication; the course itself
    2. The course content is very interesting and directly relatable to the world, it’s not abstract
    3. NA
    4. The best thing about this class is the professor of the class is awesome as he give all the answers that we have question about and also he give extension on the assignments if we have some difficulty
    5. Coding with images and sound
    6. NA
    7. The material
  • What would you like to change about the course?
    1. NA
    2. Some of the assignments could use more descriptions and specifications as to what is expected to be submitted
    3. NA
    4. There is nothing to change in this course
    5. More coding done in class
    6. NA
    7. Make it more program intensive
  • What do you think are the instructor's greatest strengths?
    1. His communication with the students
    2. His respect for students and his easy going nature
    3. NA
    4. His greatest strengths are he teaches each and every thing in class what we need to know
    5. Helping students understand
    6. NA
    7. Ability to encourage discussion