Project Part 1: Proposal

Your proposal will begin with the title of your proposed project. You will then include each of the following headings, followed with a paragraph of descriptive text.

Your project should be somehow web-focused. Your project should be some mix of research and implementation. You may do the project individually or in a small group: please indicate your choice in your proposal.

A summary description of the project, in a couple of sentences
Vision and Goals
What you want to accomplish with this project: what is your vision, what are your goals? How will you assess if you've met your goals?
Who do you see as your audience? It is hard to be all things to all people, so indicate some details of your intended audience. What is common amongst your audience members? What do you think that they will get out of your project? Why should they be interested?
What you will be presenting and why: flesh out your vision and describe the content of your project.
How you will present it: what media elements will you use to present your story, and how will you do it?
How you will finish: consider the scope of the project you are considering and look at the risks. Can you cover the content effectively in the development time available? Does success depend on a high-risk technology or technique? What is essential to the project and what could be removed to meet your deadlines?

This assignment is worth 4 marks, according to the following rubric.

Criterion and Weight Excellent (3/3) Satisfactory (2/3) Poor (1/3) Unacceptable (0/3)
Content/Concept of the project (2) Sophisticated concept Good, moderately engaging Undeveloped content No discernible development of content
Ambition of the project (2) Exceptionally ambitious and challenging Moderately challenging and ambitious Very little challenge Unchallenging

Submit your work electronically, via URCourses, by uploading a single file.