Assignment 01: Creating with Scratch

Scratch ( ) is "a programming language for everyone". The software is web-based.

Your assignment is to program a full-blown multimedia version of the binary guessing game that was presented in class. You are provided with a sample project to start, which can be accessed here .

From the File menu of the , you can upload the sample (and from the same menu, you can download your finished project to be included in your submission).

This assignment is worth 4 marks, distributed in the following way:
Criterion and Weight Excellent (3/3) Satisfactory (2/3) Poor (1/3) Unacceptable (0/3)
1. Functionality (1.0) Works for all numbers Works for almost all numbers Works for 1 number Does not work
2. Creativity (2.0) Uses all block types, creatively Uses most block types, creatively Uses most block types Does not use most block types
3. Reflection (1.0) Thoughtfully and thoroughly considered implications of scratch Thoroughly considered implications of scratch/td> Some implications considered Implications not considered