Assignment 2 - Text to Image (Revised)

If you have your Java up-to-date (as of March 2, it is Java 8 Update 161), you have a good chance of being able to run The regular interface ( ) and the advanced interface ( ) give you options to experiment. I have confirmed that it runs on Safari with this latest update (patience is required).

Since browsers are not very friendly to Java, it seems, there is also a javascript option: .

Use the text from this assignment (or something similar in terms of length) as input.   Take screen shots of different wordles (or word clouds) as .png files and put them into your favourite (widely used) kind of document.

Pick one of these word clouds and, using SVG, recreate the top 10 words.

You may notice that SVG output is possible from . In this case, edit the SVG file that you download to present only the top 10 words, to make it readable, and to add comments ( <!-- comments --> ) to describe what is happening in the SVG file.

Comment on the results (and the process of transforming text to image), in the context of this class.

4 marks for this assignment, according to the rubric below.

Criterion and Weight Excellent (3/3) Satisfactory (2/3) Poor (1/3) Unacceptable (0/3)
Experimentation with word cloud (1.5) Very good variety of input and output options explored, with examples Good variety of input and output options explored, not all with examples Little variety of options explored and presented and discussed No variety presented.
Duplication of a word cloud using SVG (1.5) Final image rendered as expected.  Code clearly laid out and commented Final image nearly rendered as expected. Code is readable Final image rendered only partially as expected. Code not clear Final image not rendered as expected.  Code is unreadable
Reflection (1) Thorough consideration of relationship to course content Good consideration of some aspects of course content Little connection to course content Few comments and no connection to course material

Submit your work electronically, in a single archive .zip file, via URCourses.