Assignment 3 - Image to Sound

Take an image that you created in the "Text to Image" assignment and use it as input for creation of a sound file using processing. Use different variations of the parameters to create an output wave file. Use different formats for the image as input (including base64). Examine the results using audacity (or other program). Comment on the results.

As part of your submissions, please submit all the files required to run your code, as well as all input and output files.

Criterion and Weight Excellent (3/3) Satisfactory (2/3) Poor (1/3) Unacceptable (0/3)
Functionality (2) Clear code that produces audible sounds Clear code that produces sounds files that play Unclear code that produces sound files that may not play Unclear code that does not work
Exploration (1) Explored various image formats to produce different sounds Used 2 image formats to produce sounds Used more than 1 image format but sounds inaudible No extra image formats were attempted
Reflection (1) Thoughtfully and thoroughly considered implications of reinterpreting images as sound, and what is required to create audible sound files Thoroughly considered implications of reinterpreting images as sound Some implications considered Implications not considered

Submit your work electronically, in a single file, via URCourses.