Code from Meetings

Source code files created during meetings. The names are prefixed with 2 digits for the meeting number and a hyphen. For example, the first file created here was in Meeting 3 and it is called

Icon  Name                    Last modified      
[TXT] 12-Jan-2018 10:28 [IMG] 03-tree-path.svg 11-Jan-2018 22:34 [IMG] 03-tree-text.svg 11-Jan-2018 22:34 [   ] 17-Jan-2018 12:24 [IMG] 07-text.svg 24-Jan-2018 12:08 [IMG] 21-web-sample-2.svg 02-Mar-2018 11:35 [IMG] 21-web-sample.svg 07-Mar-2018 12:26 [IMG] 23-edit.svg 07-Mar-2018 12:26 [TXT] 24-sketch.js 09-Mar-2018 11:10 [TXT] 25-sketch.js 16-Mar-2018 00:09 [TXT] 27-sketch.js 16-Mar-2018 08:02 [TXT] 33-sketch.js 02-Apr-2018 09:40 [TXT] 34-sketch.js 04-Apr-2018 09:53 [TXT] 35-2-sketch.js 06-Apr-2018 10:19 [TXT] 35-3-sketch.js 06-Apr-2018 10:19 [TXT] 35-sketch.js 06-Apr-2018 08:01 [TXT] es6-sketch.js 22-May-2018 10:55