This class was very enjoyable for me to teach. I have felt this way before, but my students in those classes did not always seem to agree. Here, the comments are generally either positive or constructive — I am grateful for all of them. Here are two that I want to highlight:

"I don't know how to articulate it, but I seldom speak up in classes, yet in this one I do, so whatever he's done to put my crippling social anxiety at ease and encourage discussions is certainly a strength"

Question 3, Response 14, Formative Feedback (My Instrument)

"Obviously very passionate and knowledgeable about the topic. We got something very insightful every week"

Question 3, Response 16, Summative Feedback (My Instrument)

I picked those quotes because they exemplify what I hope to bring to each meeting I have with my students. This semester marked the start of my 16th year as a Faculty member at the University of Regina. I feel that I am benefitting from the perspective that Eric Grimson spoke about on one of his visits back to Regina.

I can point to several things that helped with my performance and with my ratings (not in any order):