Scenario and Analysis


You have been given instructor access to a course on URcourses. There are 52 blank topics (because there are 53 students, 2 people will have to share 1 topic). You will claim 1 topic by changing the label to your own name(s) and then you will add 1 resource and 1 activity to your topic.

Write a problem scenario from your perspective as instructor, using this guide.

Do a claims analysis of your scenario to identify the positive and negative aspects of the key features in your scenario.


Submit your work in a single file via URcourses.

Rubric (7.5 total marks)

Criterion and Weight (E)xcellent (3/3) (S)atisfactory (2/3) (P)oor (1/3) (U)nacceptable (0/3)
1. Task completed (1.5) Task completed as indicated(3/3) Task somewhat completed as indicated (2/3) Task not completed as indicated (1/3) Task incomplete (0/3)
2. Scenario (4.0) Engaging and thorough (3/3) Thorough (2/3) Somewhat thorough (1/3) Not thorough (0/3)
3. Claims Analysis (2.0) Thorough and thoughtful (3/3) Complete (2/3) Somewhat complete (1/3) Not completed (0/3)