Formative (My Instrument)

Summary of Likert Scale Questions

5 (Always) 4 [Mostly] 3 [Sometimes] 2 [Rarely] 1 (Never) Total
Q1. The instructor is well-prepared for class 242230150
Q2. The instructor clearly communicates his expectations for student preparation and participation 32981050
Q3. The instructor uses class time effectively 261491050
Q4. The instructor has clear expectations for assigned work 321071050
Q5. The instructor encourages student participation 41900050
Q6. The instructor clearly answers questions 341150050
Q7. The instructor treats students with respect 44600050
Q8. The instructor effectively directs and stimulates discussion 311261050
Q9. The instructor effectively encourages students to ask questions and give answers 351031049
Total Percentage 67%23%9%1%0%