Establish requirements for your redesign effort by considering user issues.

Consider the Volere Requirements Specification Template
Table 10.1 on page 355 of the textbook provides the summary of the headings, for use below.

Volere Headings
Table 10.1 (on page 355 of the textbook)

Write about 1 paragraph for each of the following headings (template items 6-17 that deal with requirements will be treated separately).

"When you have a requirement that is measurable, testable, traceable and detailed enough to define all aspects of a need without further breakdown then you have an atomic requirement. You can think of the atomic requirements as the lowest level requirements. In fact the collection of atomic requirements specifies everything we require the solution to do."

Atomic Requirements: where the rubber hits the road
Suzanne Robertson and James Robertson, 2009

Write 3, or more, atomic requirements per person in your group. The specifics of each requirement should written using the general structure of the requirements shell (illustrated in Figure 10.7)

Requirements shell
Figure 10.7

Total marks: 4

Criterion and Weight (E)xcellent (3/3) (S)atisfactory (2/3) (P)oor (1/3) (U)nacceptable (0/3)
Quality & Completeness (1) Document is well-written and complete. Document is mostly well-written and mostly complete. Document is somewhat complete. Document is not complete.
Context (1) Demonstrates an excellent understanding of the project being considered Demonstrates a satisfactory understanding of the project being considered Demonstrates a poor understanding of the project being considered Does not demonstrate an understanding of the project being considered.
Stable Atomic requirements (2) Excellent basis to start design. Satisfactory basis to start design. Poor basis to start design. Is not a sufficient basis to start design.

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