Based on your requirements, design! Write a scenario, based on your requirements, that describes WHAT your new interactive activity will provide to the user. Then, work to create two different designs for HOW the interaction will be accomplished.


For each design:

Criterion & Weighting Excellent (3/3) Satisfactory (2/3) Poor (1/3) Unacceptable (0/3)
Metaphors (1) Design space thoroughly considered. Design space considered. Design space somewhat considered. Design space not considered.
Interaction/Interface types (1) Interaction/Interface types thoroughly considered. Interaction/Interface types considered. Interaction/Interface types somewhat considered. Interaction/Interface types not considered.
Scenarios (3) Scenarios thoroughly considered, realistic situation, presented in good detail. Scenarios considered, plausible situation, presented in satisfactory detail. Scenarios considered somewhat, plausible situation, presented in mostly satisfactory detail. Scenarios not considered.
Alternative lo-fi prototypes (3) Lo-fi prototypes thoroughly considered. Lo-fi prototypes considered. Lo-fi prototypes somewhat considered. Lo-fi prototypes not considered.
Iterations (2) Thoughtful iteration very evident Lo-fi prototypes considered. Thoughtful somewhat considered. Thoughtful iteration not evident

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