Marking Policies

In the usual case when I have marking support for a course, I endeavour to mark the exams myself and the markers focus on grading the course work, in consultation with me.

I have begun using as a tool to grade exams more quickly and transparently. Two main advantages, as I see them, are:

The goal for all grading during the semester is to have it complete within 2 weeks of submission.

When there is group work submitted, every student has the opportunity to rate all members of their group. These ratings are due at the same as the assigned group work. The calculations, described in the Group Work Policies will be carried out by the marker once the time for submissions has passed and students will be notified when their ratings by the group are available.

The marker will archive from URcourses all submissions for each assigned work and will nominate some exemplars from those submissions. I will review the selections and seek permission from the students who submitted the exemplars for some limited sharing of their work. Only the exemplars may be shared outside of the secure URcourses environment, but only if explicit permission has been obtained.