For the Shoulders

Shoulder Clocks

Do each part very slowly and repeat several times.

1. Raise the right shoulder a little. Return to starting postion. Inhale as the shoulder is raised, exhale when returning to neutral position.

2. Move the right shoulder downward a little. Return to starting position. Exhale as you go down, inhale as you come up.

3. Combine Movements 1 and 2, inhaling up and exhaling down.

4. Inhaling, move right shoulder backward a little. Exhale, returning to starting position.

5. Move right shoulder forward a little on an exhalation. Inhale and come back to starting postion.

6. Combine the two movements inhaling back and exhaling forward.

7. Combine all of the above into a shoulder clock. The four positions identified above can be related to the numbers on a clock; shoulder up 12 o'clock, shoulder down 6 o'clock, shoulder forward 3 o'clock, shoulder back 9 o'clock. Go around the clock three times in each direction. Try to touch each point on the clock.

Posture Clasp

(especially good for those that sit at the desk with shoulders rounded and head protruding)

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

Shoulder Depressions

Have two books of the same weight handy and hold with arms hanging at sides for a few breaths several times a day.

Bonnie Skinner.

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