Ergonomics and You!!

One of my pet subjects, ergonomics, examines how people and computers interface. Terms like 'repetitive motion syndrome' and 'carpal tunnel' are sadly familiar to many people.

Damage resulting from these conditions can be permanent!!. You cannot buy health, but you can certainly spend a bit on a decent work environment to try to prevent problems. Buy a good adjustable office chair, an ergonomic keyboard, and a trackball.

In addition to developing a work environment conducive to good posture, you should give your body a rest periodically when working on a computer. Even with a good chair and keyboard/mouse setup, you need to give your joints a workout. The attached article, Exercises for the Prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury is provided with kind permission of Ms. Bonnie Skinner, the University's Yoga and Tai Chi guru. Be sure to try the simple, easy exercises described in this article. Even if you only choose to do a few simple shoulder rolls or neck flexions, you'll find that you'll feel much better after a long computer session.

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