My Guatemala-Mexico Holiday - 2000

It was a busy holiday. I met many wonderful people and saw some absolutely awesome sights.

A friend suggested that I add a note on the pictures in these pages. Aside from scanned map on this first page, all of the pictures were taken with my Sony Digital 8 Handycam camcorder. (DCR-TRV510 if you are interested in specifics.)

Don't mean to sound like a commercial, but this camera really is marvelous. I decided when I got home which parts of the video that I'd like to capture as still shots. You just run your video back in "play" mode and when you see something you want as a still, press the "photo" button. That grabs a copy of the shot and puts it into the built-in flash memory. From there I downloaded them to a computer. So almost all of the shots are captured from video (some from bus and airplane windows). I did take a few pictures direct into the flash memory at the time but it's hard now to tell which are which.

Also the zoom is fantastic - check the crocodile on the Villahermosa page. The jaguar on that page is also taken with the zoom. You'll notice there though, how well the camera compensates for the chain link fence I'm shooting through. The jaguar is one of the pictures I took directly into flash memory.

I can hardly wait till next year for another holiday and another opportunity to use my Handycam. :)