My New Zealand Vacation - 2003

Where to start!! We went so many places all over both North and South Islands, and everywhere we went it was beautiful!! Guess the best place to start is to define "us". We were a group of 12 people - 11 from Thunder Bay and myself from Regina. It's another tale as to how I made the Thunder Bay contact. Suffice it to say that they were a great bunch.

We started off from Auckland in the North Island and proceeded up the northwest coast. This is a picture of me and Rob, our driver and guide on the North Island.

We went all the way up to the very tip of the North Island and then worked our way back down all the way to Wellington where we crossed over to the South Island. Then we worked our way around the South Island in a counter-clockwise direction.
Go ahead and click on either the North or South Island, whichever one you want to tour first.

And finally, if you want to see some pictures of our grand reunion in June, click here.
North Island South Island