My Trip to San Francisco 1998

I was only there for a short time, but here's what I managed to fit in:

Here's a few pic's from the country tour. Past Saratoga and into the hills, there is a state park area containing California Redwoods! They were stunning and this picture really doesn't do them justice. Apparently these trees were just babies but they were massive by my standards. They were absolutely beautiful.

After the Redwood area the road continues on to the crest of a huge ridge with California poppies growing everywhere. This next picture is actually a composite of 2 panoramic pictures. The road (barely visible) on the right of the picture continues on towards the ocean.

Much as I enjoyed the forest, these meadows were a joy to drive through. Clumps of orange poppies (the California state flower) and wild flowers were everywhere.

The coastal highway lay beyond the ridge. The view was spectacular!!!. Thunderous green-blue surf pounded powdery sand beaches at the base of steep cliffs.

There are more sights I'd like to see in California.

Maybe next time. ...

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