Here are some pics from our Feb 3/2008 Ferret Party. We had 9 people and about 22 ferrets I think.

Marsha holding Sammy

Marsha holding Newton

Yoshi and Doodlebug

Yoshi and Pandora? (could be Meeka)

Meeka, Doodlebug and Sugar


Owen and ???


Marsha holding Tae and Rudy

Jason and Marsha talking in the foreground, Zoe holding ??? on the couch

Hey Kids! Can you count all the ferrets in this picture?

Marsha and Megan reaching for ??? in the carrier

Megan holding Pandora

Megan and Amy holding Tommy. He's like Barry White; big, dark, and loves the lovin'. :-)

Zoe holding Pandora

Sugar, Owen, Merlin and Yuki

Sara holding Rudy

Meeka. If I didn't remember taking this picture I might think it was Pandora; they're so alike.

Zoe and Pandora


Megan and Jason's boy, Rudy

Megan and Jason's boy, Rudy

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