Here are some pics from our Nov 2/2008 Ferret Party. It was a smaller crowd than usual, only 4 ferrets (and 7 humans).

Kate holding Sarah's boy Butsu (pronounced Boot-Soo, Japanese for Buddha)

Butsu and Pandora. The flash didn't go off, but it was my only picture with Pandora and another ferret (she got a little unfriendly after this)

Pandora after she got away from Butsu

Pandora enjoying some human companionship with Kim (it's just her own kind she doesn't like)

Butsu and Marsha

Butsu and Marsha; not since Carrie's Zak has there been such a lap-ferret

Marsha and Butsu; Kate in the background


Zoe holding Yoshi and Butsu

Sarah holding Yoshi, Butsu and Yuki, Kim holding Pandora in the background

Zoe and Sarah with Yuki and Butsu

Kim providing Pandora with some tunnel fun

Zoe holding Yoshi

Yuki and Butsu; watch out, ferrets underfoot!

I also got some video of Butsu the lap ferret. Click to watch.

Thanks also to Tarra for attending, who didn't make it into the photos (sorry about that).

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