Here are some pics from our Dec 9/2008 Ferret Christmas Party, potluck and gift exchange.

Cricket checking out some shoes...

...and purses

Sarah and Zoe arrive with Butsu (Boot-soo), Yuki and Yoshi


Amy holding Cricket

Sarah holding Butsu

Butsu gets a snack

Butsu looking around

What's up big guy?

Watch out tiny village. It's the attack of the 50 foot ferret!

Mmm, looks tasty

Ooh, what's that? (the village gets a reprieve)

Yay, Christmas tree!

What's in here?

Ooh, shiny.

Oh no! It's coming back! Run for your lives!

Oh, the carnage! The humanity!

Butsu and Yoshi

How'd you get up there Yuki?

Marsha holding Butsu

Hey Yuki, any idea who's been scratching the couch?

Yoshi and Butsu checking out little Pandora

Amy holding Pandora

Sarah holding Yoshi

Zoe holding Butsu

Butsu looks very content

And very relaxed

Butsu, more exploring

Marsha holding Butsu

Such a lap ferret

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