Here are some pics from our May 30/2009 Ferret Party.

Oz & Thumper

Meeka & Yoshi

Mojo, Oz, Loki & Yuki


Kim's Loki and Sarah's Yuki

Doodlebug, Bohdi & Poe



Amy and Meatball

Kim & Mojo

Kody in a tube

Kody coming out of the tube

Amy with Meatball, Kim with Oz

Chelta, her mom Paula, her sister Annie, and her babies Friskers and Thumper

Kody & Yuki

Amy petting Kody

Oz licking Bohdi's ear, Mojo in the back?

Kim holding Loki, Candace holding Gossamer

Kim holding Kody

Ocean holding Butsu

Candace holding Kody

Amy holding Doodlebug

Kim holding Loki

I also got some video of the two Lokis wrestling. Click to watch.

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