Here are some pics from our October 29/2012 Ferret/Halloween/Pizza Party. It's very sad that Loki passed away just 12 days before the party and 14 days before his 4th birthday. My sweet little boy was, is and will be missed.

Sarah holding Kiki

Felix napping behind the kitchen TV stand

Bella napping in the tube

Kody & Abby peeking out from the fleece Loki had been using for a bed when he was sick

Kody; he's so cute

Marsha holding Kiki

Abby checking out the tube and looking rather rumpled

Marsha holding Abby and Kody

Marsha holding Abby and Kody, Sarah and Bella on the couch

Kate holding Bella? Or Kiki?

Me holding Kiki. When Marsha arrived she didn't recognize me at first and thought I was one of the guests. I guess those glasses really DO work as a disguise. :-)

And here are some pics of my decorations

When I moved nearly 7 years ago I misplaced my 'Very Scary Cemetery'. I found it this year while looking for something else, so here it is. You can click on the picture for the original full resolution shot if you want to see it close-up and maybe read the tombstones. Your browser might shrink the picture to fit the screen; if so click it again to get full size. IMAGE

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