Here's some pics from the August 8/2004 ferret party.

Morgan the Lap Ferret:

Dr.B (white) with Sugar, and Doodlebug on right (or vice versa, not sure):

Morgan getting frisky:

Pandora: "I got up here ok..."

"Now how do I get down!!!"

The pups, guarding the kitchen:


Tommy: "Why can't I play with the ferrets? You let me play with other chew toys!"

Meeka and Sugar?

Spyro and Yuki:

Spyro and Morgan:

L to R; Yoshi, Spyro, Sugar:


Morgan hamming it up:

Owen the Cute:

Pandora's loose! Everybody run!!!



Owen, having a look around:

Owen the Cute, Part 2!

Thanks to Melissa and Candace for helping me identify everyone.

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