Here are some pics from our Dec 15/2007 Ferret Christmas Party, Potluck and Gift Exchange.

I looked out at my back yard before the party and saw this guy frolicking in the snow;
I guess it's a good day for some furry fun:

Jackie's cat Buddy checking out Yuki:

Where'd he go?:

Sammy investigating my boot:

Yoshi and Yuki meeting Pandora (I can't believe how restrained she and Tommy were). Sugar behind the bars:

Tommy in the foreground, everyone else (except Sammy?) in the carrier. Pandora on top (the natural order :-):

Buddy is not sure what to make of these giant super-mice:

Tommy checking out a purse; tail's frizzed, he's excited:

Tommy on the couch; you can just see his shaved belly from his insulinoma surgery 8 days ago:

Tommy and Pandora have reverted to form, drove off the invaders and reclaimed their carrier:

What's a party without funny hats? (thanks Marsha!) Jackie holding Yoshi, Amy with Sugar:

Marsha holding (L to R) Sugar, Yuki, Sammy and Yoshi (I think that's right):


Me (John) holding my babies (Pandora and Tommy). There's Tommy's shaved belly again:

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