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A rough set library (rsl.tar.Z) of public domain software is available from the Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Computer Science, via ftp.

For more information, contact Jacek Sienkiewicz (jhs@ii.pw.edu.pl).

Rough Enough is a software system developed by Anders Torvill Bjorvand. The present version of Rough Enough is developed under the 4GL DBMS Paradox for Windows. The newest version is available for downloading at: http://www.trolldata.no/renough/.

An early beta version of the rough set engine Grobian is now available for testing. Please consult

for details.

Rosetta is a toolkit for analyzing tabular data within the framework of rough set theory, and consists of a computational kernel and a GUI front-end. The Rosetta GUI reflects the contents of the kernel, and runs on PCs operating under Windows NT or Windows 95.

A limited version of Rosetta is made publicly available for non-commercial use. The downloadable program is limited in the sense that algorithms from the embedded RSES library are not applicable to decision tables larger than some predetermined size (currently 500 objects and 20 attributes).


DATALOGIC from REDUCT & Lobbe Technologies Inc.


K-DYS is a comprehensive analytical knowledge discovery tool basedon rough set theory, from RS Systems.


Rough Analysis: Lisp software by Enrique Alvarez (alvarez@pe.upc.es):
This is a simple Lisp code for analyzing data within the framework of rough set theory. It calculates relative reducts and partial dependency between two classifications. With this code you are not allowed to search reducts of one classification with more features than 8, because it applies an exhaustive searching method. Anyway, you can use some heuristics.


Other data mining software listings are available at the KDNuggets site:


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