TIME International Symposium Series

You have reached the old web site for the TIME International Symposium Series. The new web site is at http://time.di.unimi.it.

The TIME International Symposium Series began in 1994. The first six annual meetings were held as workshops in conjunction with the FLAIRS (Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society) annual conference. As the workshop has grown, the participants decided to hold the annual meeting as an independent event.

Since its inception, the purpose of this symposium series has been to bring together active researchers in the area of temporal representation and reasoning in Artificial Intelligence. Through paper presentations and discussions, the participants will exchange, compare, and contrast results in the area. Over the years, participation of researchers from areas outside of mainstream AI (especially the database community) has grown. For this reason, beginning with TIME-2001, we have opened the meeting to active researchers in temporal (including temporal-spatial) representation and reasoning from all areas. Additionally, the annual meeting has matured and the format has evolved to the point where it is more appropriately identified as a symposium rather than a workshop. Also, beginning with TIME-2001, we have adopted a track format for the symposium. For information about the current or previous meetings, follow the appropriate link below.

Past, Present and Future Issues of the Symposium

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