TIME-95 Workshop Program

International Workshop on Temporal Representation and Reasoning

Melbourne Beach, Florida, USA -- April 26, 1995

8:00am  Welcome and Register (pick up name tags, proceedings)   [Refreshments]

8:20am  Opening Remarks

8:30am  Invited Speaker:

	Peter Haddawy is a faculty member in the Department of Electrical
	Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin-
	Milwaukee and an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Radiology
	at the Medical College of Wisconsin. His research is concerned with
	planning and decision making under uncertainty in temporally rich
	domains.  His current work focuses on efficient algorithms for
	probabilistic reasoning and decision-theoretic planning and on their
	application in medicine.  His work on logics of time and chance was
	recently published as a monograph.  He has been a Shell Oil Company
	Fellow and an Avery Brundage Scholar.

9:30am  Paper Session 1 (20 minutes each)

	``Hybrid Temporal and Non-Temporal Knowledge for Scheduling''
	Stephan Becker, Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, Germany,

	``A language to express time intervals and repetition''
	Diana Cukierman and James Delgrande, Simon Fraser University, Canada,

	``Using Temporal Logic to Control Search in a Forward Chaining Planner''
	Fahiem Bacchus and Froduald Kabanza, University of Waterloo and
	Universite De Sherbrooke, Canada

10:30am Poster Session (30 minutes)             [Refreshments available]

	A number of posters will be on display around the workshop meeting
	room. Workshop participants are invited to wander between the
	refreshment table and the poster displays. Poster presenters will
	be on hand to present their posters and answer questions. There
	will be a second opportunity to view the posters in the afternoon
	session. The list of poster papers is attached to the end of the

11:00am Paper Session 2 (20 minutes)

	``Generating Scenarios from Specifications of Repeating Events''
	Robert Morris, Gerard Ligozat, and Lina Khatib, Florida Institute
	of Technology, USA

	``Speeding up temporal reasoning by exploiting the notion of kernel
	of an ordering relation''
	Luca Chittaro, Angelo Montanari, Iliano Cervesato, Universita di
	Udine and Universita di Torino, Italy

	``A Constraint Database System for Temporal Knowledge''
	Roman Gross and Robert Marti, ETH Zentrum, Switzerland
	(presented by Andreas Steiner)

12:00--2:00pm Lunch Break + Organizational Meeting for TIME-96

2:00pm Paper Session 3 (20 minutes each)

	``Rules for Simple Temporal Reasoning''
	Maroua Bouzid and Peter Ladkin, CRIN-CNRS & INRIA Lorraine, France and 
	Universtat Bielefeld, Germany

	``Representing and reasoning about motion in a two-dimensional world''
	Wanlin Pang and Andre Trudel, University of Regina and Acadia
	University, Canada

	``Formalizing Actions in Branching Time: Model-Theoretic
	Munindar Singh, Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corp., USA

	``Parallel Temporal Resolution''
	Clare Dixon, Michael Fisher, and Rob Johnson, University of Manchester
	and Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

3:20pm Discussion Groups(40 minutes)                   [refreshments available]

4:00pm  Paper Session 4 (20 minutes each)

	``Efficient query answering in LaTeR''
	V. Brusoni, L. Console, P. Terenziani, Universita di Torino, Italy

	``Time and Uncertainty in Reasoning about Order''
	Robert Morris, Dan Tamir, and Kenneth Ford,  Florida Institute of
	Technology and University of West Florida, USA

	``Reasoning about Periodic Events''
	Paolo Ternziani, Universita di Torino, Italy

5:00pm  Closing Remarks

7:00pm  Evening Reception (FLAIRS)


``An algebraic approach to granularity in time representation''
Jerome Euzenat, INRIA Rhone-Alpes, France

``Decision Time in Temporal Databases''
Mario Nascimento and Margaret Eich, Southern Methodist University, USA

``Lifetime Information for Model-Based Diagnosis''
Ahmed Tawfik and Eric Neufeld, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

``Just one approach for several temporal logics in Computing: the topological
Inma Guzman, Manuel Enciso, and Carlos Rossi, Universidad de Malaga, Spain

``Generating Explanations with the Help of Temporal Constraints''
Margo Guertin, Boston University, USA

``Theoretical and practical implications of an algorithm for finding all
consistent temporal models''
Debasis Mitra, Jackson State University, USA

``A Multi-Agent Temporal Ontology''
Denis Gagne and Andre Trudel, Intel Agent R&D Inc. and Acadia University, Canada

``Inferred Validity of Transaction-Time Data''
Cristina De Castro and Maria Scalas, Universita di Bologna, Italy

``A Framework for Temporal Deductive Databases''
Terttu Orci, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

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