Fourth International Workshop on Temporal Representation and Reasoning

First Call For Papers

Daytona Beach, Florida, USA -- May 10-11, 1997

A Postscript file is also available

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together active researchers in the area of temporal representation and reasoning in Artificial Intelligence. Through paper presentations and discussions, the participants will exchange, compare, and contrast results in the area. The workshop is planned as a two day event to immediately precede FLAIRS-97 (Tenth Annual Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Symposium, May 12-14). Workshop participants are also encouraged to submit papers to FLAIRS and attend the conference. The workshop will be conducted as a combination of paper presentations, a poster session, invited talks and panel discussions.

The format will provide ample time for discussions and exchange of ideas. Submission of high quality papers describing mature results or on-going work are invited for all areas of temporal representation and reasoning, including, but not limited to:

To maximize interaction among participants, the size of the workshop will be limited. Accepted papers will be invited for full presentation or a poster presentation. All submissions must be received by December 5, 1996. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the first author (or designated author) by February 19, 1997. Prospective participants should submit 5 copies of a 6-8 page paper (indicating the selected areas) to:

Electronic submission is also permitted. Send a postscript file via anonymous ftp to: ftp://cs.fit.edu/pub/time97


All accepted papers will be published in the workshop proceedings. As well, a selected subset of the papers will be invited for inclusion (subject to refereeing) in a book or in a special issue of a journal.


General Chair:
Program Committee Chairs:



Patrick Hayes, General Chair
Bob Morris, PC Co-Chair
Lina Khatib, PC Co-Chair
Howard Hamilton, Treasurer
Luca Chittaro, Publicity Co-Chair
Angelo Montanari, Publicity Co-Chair
Scott Goodwin, Organizing Committee Member
Fahiem Bacchus, Organizing Committee Member
David Leasure, Organizing Committee Member


Sponsorship for TIME-97 is being sought from the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) and Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society (FLAIRS).


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