Accepted Papers for Time98

Full Presentation

Iliano Cervesato
Massiimo Franceschet
Angelo Montanari
Event Calculus with Explicit Quantifiers (abstract)

Rattana Wetprasit
Abdul Sattar
Qualitative and Quantitative Temporal Reasoning with Points and Durations (abstract)

Marcelo Finger
Correa de Silva
Temporal Data Obsolescence: Modelling problems

P.S. Muniz Silva
Extended Message Sequence Charts with Time-Interval Semantics (abstract)

Gerard Becher
Francoise Clerin-Debart
Patrice Enjalbert
A Model for Time Granularity in Natural Language (abstract)

Leonidas Fegaras
Ramez Elmasri
A Temporal Object Query Language

ENIT Accounting for temporal evolutions in highly reactive decision-making (abstract)

Clare Dixon
Michael Fisher
The Set of Support Strategy in Temporal Resolution (abstract)

Yuval Shahar
Cleve Cheng None given
Model-Based Visualization of Temporal Abstractions (abstract)

Maroua Bouzid
Abdel-Illah Mouaddib
Uncertain Temporal Reasoning for the Distributed Transportation (abstract)

Robert A. Morris
Lina Khatib
Quantitative Structural Temporal Constraints on Repeating Events (abstract)

Chuchang Liu
Mehmet A. Orgun
Embedding a Timing System in TLC

Richard Scherl
A Logic of Action and Causality

Patrick Doherty
Jonas Kvarnstrom
Tackling the Qualification Problem using Fluent Dependancy Constraints: Preliminary Report (abstract)

Paolo Terenziani
Generating Instantiations of Contextual Scenarios of Periodic Events (abstract)

Poster and Short Presentation for Time98

Torben Brauner
Per Hasle
Peter Ohstrom
Ockhamistic Logics and True Futures of Counterfactual Moments (abstract)

Rafael Ramirez
Time, communicatin and synchronisation in a agent-based programming language (abstract)

Ulrich Wille
Revision and Updating in Dynamic Doxastic Logic

Elisa Bertino
Elena Ferrari
Giovanna Guerrini
An Approach to Model and Query Event-Based Temporal Data (abstract)

Rashiah Loganantharaj
Efficient Temporal Propagation Algorithm for Scheduling

Mitsunori Matsushita
Masakatsu Ohta None given
Toshiyuki Iida None given
A Visualization Method of Time Expressions Using Starting/Ending Point Plane (abstract)

Vanathi Gopalakrishnan
Bruce G. Buchanan None given
Representing and Learning Temporal Relationships among Experimental Variables (abstract)

Diana Cukierman
James Delgrande
Towards a formal characterization of temporal repetition with closed time

D.J. Randall
H.J. Hamilton
R.J. Hilderman
Generalization for Calendar Attributes Using Domain Generalization Graphs