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Welcome to Scott's Personal CS Homepage!

Thanks for coming! This is currently the first lab for CS215- Web Programming. My current semester includes the following classes:

  1. CS 215
  2. CS 340
  3. ENSE 374

The CS classes I have taken to date include:

  1. CS 110
  2. CS 115
  3. CS 210

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This link is for Lab5 Lab 5 DOM.

This link is for Lab6 Lab 6 DOM2.

This is for Lab7 Lab 7 pdf.

This is for MySQL Lab 8 Lab 8 txt.

This is for PHP Lab 9 Lab 9 html.

This is for Lab 10 Lab 10 PHP/MySQL.

This is for Lab 11 Lab 11 AJAX.

This is for Lab 12 Lab 12 AJAX