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About me

Hello, stranger! My name is Mikhail Shchukin. Currently, I work and study at University of Regina, the best spot in the capital of Saskatchewan. Joined U of R in 2015. Finished B.Sc. in CS degree in 2017 with Distinction. Pursuing M.Sc. in CS degree (supervised by Dr. Yiyu Yao) starting 2018. From time to time I update this page to keep myself tuned in HTML and CSS. I hope you like it here! Really.

I am THE SENATE the acting Laboratory Instructor for Spring/Summer 2018 semester for course CS 201: Introduction to Digital Systems and MIPS Assembly Language. If you are one of my students - please check the Downloads & Links section!

Downloads & Links

This section is going to be populated with different potentially useful stuff. Stay tuned!
A custom terminal using AJAX and PHP was being developed here (SUSPENDED): Project1

CS 201 Lab Materials
An older copy of LogicWorks5 is publicly available at this external link: Download LogicWorks5
LogicWorks5 reference manual is available here: Download LogicWorks5 Reference Manual
CS 201 Lab Cover Page (REQUIRED!) is available here: Download CS Lab Cover


You can reach me at my university email (usually checked daily): vladimmi@uregina.ca

This page has been last updated on May 2018