cat Welcome to Tom Xu's CS215 Homepage

Hello, my name is Bonan Xu, you can call my english name Tom. I would like to learn Web programming. Topics 1 to 3 focus on client-side web programming. In other words, HTML, cascading style sheets (CSS) and JavaScript statements are processed by an Internet browser (the client) running on your machine.

Topics 4 to 6 focus on server-side Web programming. Specifically, PHP code and SQL statements are executed by servers (web servers and database servers).

You can contact me at or phone me at 639-316-4895.

Here's a link to my form page.

Validate HTML5

CS215 Lab assignments:
Lab 1 Assignment (index.html)
Lab 2 Assignment (CSS lab)
Lab 3 Assignment (HTML5 and CSS3)
Lab 4 Assignment (js_form.html)
Lab 5 Assignment (js_dom.html)
Lab 6 Assignment (lab6_dom2)
Lab 7 Assignment (ERD.html)
Lab 8 Assignment (sql.txt)
Lab 9 Assignment (up.html and php_form.html)
Lab 9 Assignment (up.html and php_form.html)
Lab 10 Assignment (lab10_SqlForm.html)
Lab 11 Assignment (lab11_ajax.html)
Lab 12 Assignment (lab12_advanced_ajax.html)