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Exercise 3

Spreadsheet Exercise #3

For this exercise, we will use the spreadsheet loans2:

The following are step by step instructions to complete this spreadsheet.

This exercise gives you practice in using spreadsheets, but it also demonstrates how a spreadsheet can be used to assist people in decision making. e.g. You are about to purchase a car and are confused by all the payment options. You can enter formulas into a spreadsheet so that you can see the total cost for each option. The goal of this exercise is to produce a spreadsheet that looks something like this:

Step #1: Formatting Text:

Select cell B1, C1 and D1 by holding the left mouse button and dragging it across from B1 to D1. Open the Format menu previously discussed. Select Underline and Bold, change the color and change the font size to 16.

You will notice the word Fill on one of the tabs; click on it. Now select a Pattern Style from the menu list and select a Pattern Colour. Click on OK when you are done.

Step #2: Entering Data:

Step #3: Entering Formulas: (Absolute and Relative References)

Don't forget to use the = sign before entering a formula.
The letters do not need to be capital letters.

Step #4: Entering a Function:

The first function that we will use is a financial function. It will determine the monthly payment for us.

The next formula that we will use is a multiplication formula. It will multiply two cells for us.

Step #5: Changing Data to Currency:

There are two possible ways to do this:




Now you should be finished editing your spreadsheet and it should look something like this: